/Haka with Standing Rock

Haka with Standing Rock

The song I sing this morning is the innate power of the human family…the power of prayer is transforming the land. Aho! I sing this song to let you know that I See you, visit this and in the face of what is hard and unyielding, order I whisper into the winds, what rises will fall, what is compounded will disintegrate, what is accumulated will be exhausted, what is born will die.

Hold strong dear ones, we dance and pray beside you morning till night…the earth hears us. May we hold the vision pure in our hearts; see the rivers unobstructed, flowing pure and clean. The great mammals both in and out of the sea thriving, the air fresh, the land revered. The sacred upheld. Our food as it was Originally intended. The seed – free!

This moment; so precious in it’s quality, and unyielding – as it determines the course of time. Vigilance…what are we feeding? Our disillusionment, our uncertainty Or our love, a vision of the human family inclusive and compassionate.

Hold the sacred – deep, in that place that only you can touch. Your thinking, my thinking is the ultimate protector! What we think, how we feel, is creating our future moments. Let us focus on a future where police are the protectors of the water protectors, the whole world over, we the sacred stewards, repeat this until we believe it. Once we believe it (our brain registers it as truth); it Is so. We are Consciousness with love at our Core.

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