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What People are Saying

“Tracey’s work with me on breathwork was absolutely fabulous: she is not only a great mindful listener but also very effective and skilled when it comes to use her deep knowledge to work with breathing and the subconscious mind. I hoped to work on some unconscious breathing issues and within only three sessions she helped me way more than I would expect in my dreams. I gained both relief from tense breathing in stressful situations and clarifying unconscious subjects. Tracey’s endeavors are truly life-changing!”

Torsten H.


“I have received a series of ten Access sessions with Tracey Stover over four months. During that time my life has transformed beyond recognition. I believe everything is interconnected, so I can’t point specifically to Tracey’s treatments and say that is the reason for the changes, but what I can do is report how I was when I started with her work, and how I am now.

I began with thoughts such as: I am a total failure; I am trapped and powerless to change my situation; I hate being me; I will never belong anywhere; I will never escape these thoughts. I have been plagued by this kind of negative self-talk since my abusive childhood. I now knowthat: I am a magical being who can manifest my dreams; I am aligned and in my power; I am rooted, grounded and safe; life supports me in every way.

I began in a dire financial state, in a relationship that was not working, with no legal status. I now have the job of my dreams, have created a new empowered orbit with my partner and am on my way to residency. I have made incredible progress in moving from the depression of victim to the delight of agency.

Not only does Tracey offer this extraordinary treatment, she is also a master coach and teacher, embedding in me the law of cause and effect: that what we think is how our lives will be, along with accessible tools to rewire my brain with higher truths. She inspired me and supported me to commit to three months of intense retraining of my thoughts. I have also experienced her breathwork, which bypasses the thinking mind, healing and releasing at a profound level of being. Last but certainly not least, simply being in the presence of Tracey’s high vibration is healing in and of itself.

I can think of few people I would recommend more than Tracey if you are seeking profound transformation and spiritual growth.”

Jason C


“My experience with Tracey, in just 3 sessions, accomplished so much more than decades of talk therapy. I truthfully do not know how this all happened so quickly and with so little effort. But, with Tracey’s coaching and guidance I was able to let go of anger, resentment and a feeling of inadequacy that I had carried with me for 62 years. I was severely burned at age 5 and spent a year in the hospital. I had worked hard all of my life with therapists, meditation, retreat centers and anti-depressants to move beyond these challenges. But, I was never able to until now.

Those negative feelings have simply just left me. They are gone, disappeared into the cosmos somewhere. It seems a bit mysterious. Because it is such an extraordinary experience, it is a little hard to explain and comprehend. All I can say, with gratitude in my heart, is her ‘therapy/coaching’ is powerful, easy and wonderful. I cannot thank her enough.”

ES, Seattle, WA


“I began my work with Tracey when I realized I just wasn’t breathing – a lifetime of carrying anxiety, instead of releasing it, was taking its toll.  I left my first session having gained more, and released more, than five years of counseling had provided – I have found the power of my breath.”

KJ, Seattle, WA social worker


“For at least ten years I have been very fortunate to have benefitted from the healing abilities of Tracey Stover.  Only recently I mentioned to her during a breath session that my right ankle lacked healthy cartilage and was in great pain.  She then applied the healing principles of Amagi Therapy. The results were astonishing.  The next morning I stood on an ankle that was, for the first time in four years, completely pain free! I recommend Tracey without qualification and with enthusiasm.”

M.D. of Seattle, WA, Personal and Corporate Coach


“After the Amagi session I felt quite relaxed and could feel some of the swelling receed (this actually started during the session). Some of my injuries had been painful enough to make sleeping difficult, but I also felt the pain recede enough to take a nap immediately afterward. Overall it seemed to speed my healing process noticeably over the next day.”

MS, Seattle, WA architect


“During Tracey’s breath work at her retreat, I experienced her loving guidance through an emotional release that I did not realize was buried deep inside me.  I have never experienced anything like that before, it is indescribable. When it was over I felt joy, relief, and light; my burden had been lifted. I am still feeling the effects of her session weeks later, and incorporating things she taught us into my daily life.”

SS, Bainbridge, WA


“My naturopath sent me to Tracey Stover for help with a digestive disorder that has been troubling me for five years. I went reluctantly. Though I readily admitted that shallow breathing was a sub-specialty of mine, I’d never heard of a breathing facilitator or breathing therapy and the whole thing sounded too New Age-y. Nevertheless, I went.

Tracey put me at ease immediately. I found her to be warm, kind, intelligent, and intuitive. I felt safe in her hands, and embarked with her into the unknown: a series of breathing exercises that had astonishing results. The breathing treatment has helped relieve some of the physical ailments that had been tying me up in knots. More unexpectedly, during each session I experienced profound insights into my life and early childhood.

These epiphanies –sorry, no details; you’ll have to have your own! – prompted me to commit to a two-day workshop with sessions in the mornings and afternoons over the course of two days. The intensive work helped me solidify the transformational work, and helped me feel that I could make these changes permanent.

It’s been thrilling working with Tracey. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”


“Tracey is a midwife. In her care I have experienced a total rebirth – a resurrection. Many deeply enfolded physical, spiritual and emotional parts of me – lost and forgotten over decades of burial and denial – have begun to emerge, through intentional breathing and the practice of awareness. Having originally sought out her help for a digestive disorder, I was expecting ‘breath coaching’ and tools for ‘breathing into my digestive organs’ – and instead I received much more: the mindful, compassionate attention of a woman whose belief in the healing nature of breath was imparted to me both through her simple presence and through her skillful leading of my breath work. What began as a physical journey has blossomed into a profound spiritual awakening. I rejoice when I think of the path ahead of me: continual discovery, continual unfolding. My gratitude cannot adequately be described in words.”

KF, Seattle, WA


“Tracey, I just want to let you know that I am feeling great after our session! More energy and much more enthusiastic about the future, much more able to do my work. I am very grateful for the breath work. THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU! It has made a tremendous difference; I have held back in life, while working very hard under great stress, unsuccessfully meeting self imposed expectations. Now I feel powerful where before I felt vulnerable. Right now I am not worried about anything and look forward to experiencing life as never before.”

JI, Michigan


“I did a series of individual and group sessions with Tracey that changed my life. Tracey’s facilitation was nothing short of masterful. She has a terrific blend of knowledge, intuition and gentle presence. My sessions with Tracey helped me cultivate the ability to clear deep layers of resistance/pain/blockages in very little time. Perhaps more importantly, I learned to do so without engaging my mind.  I learned that I don’t need reasons or stories to explain negative feelings, since most of our reasons are false constructs that simply sound logical. I learned to let the stories go and simply breathe through the pain, thereby eliminating it completely.”

AK, Michigan


“Your retreat has changed my life. I’d been searching for a vehicle to see me through to a deeper level of personal awareness and healing. This program of breathwork, movement and toning in combination, allowed deep seeded emotional movement and awareness to take place.”

LR, Calgary, Alberta, CA


“Tracey and Dave… you have given me my first glimpse of hope in 60 years – thank you SO MUCH! I have taken a few courses, read many books on stress and spent time with several therapists. This is the first workshop where I was able to get in touch with my inner child and feel comfortable working with the dark side, and I have never been so emotional – I shed a lot of tears and I am a man!”

DR, Calgary, Alberta, CA


“Total unconditional love felt at all times during the retreat! Genuine and authentic. Absolute acceptance. This is missing from other kinds of breathwork.”

KT, Langley, British Columbia, CA