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Every breath is an opportunity to transform your life.

Have you developed a restricted and shallow breath pattern? Restriction in your breath is related to suppressed emotions and stuck energy; and is expressed as stress in your body and mind. Through connected breathing and inquiry, you will experience freedom from the body-mind’s physical contraction.

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Sign-up for a 15-minute free phone consultation to learn more about breath, the process and how it applies to your circumstances. During a breath session you will unravel your attachment to how you think, learn how to use your complete respiratory system and open to transformation. With a free flowing breath pattern your mind knows peace, your body thrives, and you will live into life’s unlimited opportunities.

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Tracey is a Breath Trainer (since 2001), meditation teacher, spiritual coach, writer & entrepreneur. She is passionate about the power of the breath to heal. Based in Seattle, WA, she travels the U.S. and abroad holding retreats, trainings and workshops.

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Breathing Mandala offers individual breath sessions as well as regular group sessions. Breath practices, movement, toning and energy points will be utilized to assist you in regaining a full breath and thereby reclaiming your life!

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Are you a teacher, massage therapist, acupuncturist, nurse, yoga instructor, psychotherapist, or other provider? Join Tracey for a breath training that will support your practice by helping you to understand the breath and know how to open it.

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What’s New at Breathing Mandala

Breath Awareness Facilitator Course

When: January 11-13, 2019, plus 6 month mentorship program
Where: Seattle, WA

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What People are Saying

“For at least ten years I have been very fortunate to have benefited from the healing abilities of Tracey Stover. Only recently I mentioned to her during a breath session that my right ankle lacked healthy cartilage and was in great pain. She then applied the healing principles of Amagi Therapy. The results were astonishing. The next morning I stood on an ankle that was, for the first time in four years, completely pain free! I recommend Tracey with enthusiasm.”
Max of Seattle, WA, Personal & Corporate Coach
“Tracey offers total attentiveness and mastery of a healing practice! Her years of experience coaching people to use their breath to OPEN up has shifted my life – there is not a yoga class I teach or a life coaching session I lead where breath, and Tracey’s teachings, doesn’t play a primary role. For all her sessions and advance training I am ever-indebted.”
Jenna of Bainbridge Island, WA, Life Coach & Yoga Instructor
“I began my work with Tracey when I realized I just wasn’t breathing – a lifetime of carrying anxiety, instead of releasing it, was taking its toll. I left my first session having gained more, and released more, than five years of counseling had provided – I have found the power of my breath.”
Mark of Seattle, WA, Architect