What do you do when you find yourself in the dark?

On the eve of US veterans returning to Standing Rock Sioux reservation, I am moved by their courage. They are putting their lives on the line, yet again. They go to act as human shields, peacefully protecting our first nation peoples from a privatized militia backed by corporate greed and government ignorance. History is healing [...]

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Haka with Standing Rock

The song I sing this morning is the innate power of the human family…the power of prayer is transforming the land. Aho! I sing this song to let you know that I See you, visit this and in the face of what is hard and unyielding, order I whisper into the winds, what rises will [...]

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Why Wait

It is 11-11 today 2016, I awoke this morning with the thought, why wait? Why wait for a president to lead legislation to pave the way for climate change, human rights, equal pay, averting GMO's, or supporting a fossil fuel-free future? I might influence certain choices, but what I can change, is Me. Every day, [...]

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Consciousness is the Active Ingredient

Breathing is much more than just the autonomic nervous system’s response to keeping us alive. It is the key to walking on this beautiful planet empowered, vital, conscious and thriving. It is our birthright as an awakened humanity. The key that leads us to the heart of the matter – awareness. Breath is one of [...]

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Breath is Life: Are you breathing Deep Enough?

Breath is the key to our biology as well as our spiritual nature. Without it, ambulance we do not survive; with it, website like this we thrive, and combined with awareness, we awaken. Breath is not just oxygen; it is the vehicle for the subtle life force to enliven us as it passes through the [...]

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Breath to Release Your Stress

Breathing and thinking are two sides of the same coin. This is essential to understand when you observe your breath in distress. Your thinking affects the breathing and vice versa. This intricate connection between body and mind is a direct opening that gives us the power to change both effectively, ambulance and ultimately evolve. During [...]

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