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Private Breath Sessions

Do you feel overwhelmed by life?
Has your breath become shallow under stress and anxiety?
Are you in the midst of processing a life experience?
Are you ready to clear the habituated patterns that are holding you hostage?

If you answered yes, now is the time to clear your breath pattern and reconnect with your essential nature through the amazing portal of the breath. Sign up for your private breath session with Breathing Mandala today or read on for more information.

During your private session you will receive unique one-on-one attention and personal feedback on how to work with connected breathing at home. Breath practices, music, movement, toning and energy points will be utilized to assist you in regaining a full breath and thereby reclaiming your life!

Your breath tells the story of how you live.

Your experience will be guided by Tracey, and will develop organically way at its own pace. Emotions, thoughts and memories stored in the fabric of the body are often revealed through the breath as they release. It is common to experience the relinquishment of old emotions, and experience feelings of bliss, forgiveness, clarity and gratitude after or during a session.

Private sessions are regularly available on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Sessions are also available outside of these hours by request. Contact Tracey via the form below or call her at (206) 769-0040 to set up your appointment.

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