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Why is Breath Important?

Simple. Breathe more deeply, case take in more oxygen, have better health.

You know how to breathe; it occurs automatically, spontaneously, and naturally. Most of the time that you spend breathing you are not aware of the quality of your breath, the intake or exhale. So it may seem strange to think about being taught how to breathe.

But the truth is, you can develop unhealthy breathing habits without ever being aware of it. Your breath pattern, over time, is the product of life situations and learned behaviors. A shallow breath can promote dis-ease, accelerate aging, and be the greatest contributor to fatigue.

So, how could life be different if you practiced deep, full breathing?

Deep breathing requires that you use your diaphragm and intercostal muscles providing a gentle but vital internal massage. This massage releases trapped emotions, relieves common ailments, and also helps you become more grounded, creative and peaceful.

By exercising a deep, full breath you can experience incredible amounts of energy, vitality, and clarity. Breath is not only the key to your biology but also to your spiritual nature. With a full breath you can thrive; and combined with awareness, you awaken. Breath is the vehicle for the subtle life force to enliven and heal the body.

Benefits of Connected Breathing

Your breath is the key to unlocking stagnant and stuck energy in your body. Stagnation may be presenting as a sluggish digestive track or colon, tension in the lower back, or a general feeling of low energy. A shallow breath also limits the connection with your true source of power and creativity.

Breath patterns are learned from your parents, and they are reactions to life situations. As you go through life, these patterns and breathing habits hold your emotions and physical body hostage. The breath locked them in, breath is the key to unlocking this stagnant and stuck energy. The body and breath want to heal; and will do so as quickly as you are able to open the breath and integrate the change.

Through connected breathing you may experience the following:

  • Increased Energy and Vitality
  • Cellular Detoxification
  • Pain and Stress Relief
  • Release of Old Emotions
  • Mental Clarity and Focus
  • Balance the Nervous System
  • Connection to Spirit
  • More Joy and Presence

Breathing Mandala makes no claims to cure illness, but connected breathing has been shown to provide relief for many conditions, such as: Asthma, High Stress, Headaches, Anxiety, Lethargy, Phobias, Addiction and more.

How do I get Started?

The heart of Tracey’s work is based upon the premise that breathing and thinking are not separate. She will work intricately with your breath pattern and the thinking that supports it.

Some immediate benefits that you may experience include:

  • an increase in respiratory capacity and
  • the clearing of mental and/or emotional blocks from the subconscious.

This can provide a direct link to what is essential and pure to you; it can open up the path to realizing your goals and dreams.

The best way to start on this journey is with three individual/private sessions scheduled fairly close together — this will allow Tracey to develop a clear picture of the patterns that hold you back and how well you maintain an open breath.

During your sessions Tracey will observe your breathing as well as encourage you to develop a fuller and healthier breath; she will help you unravel the thought patterns limiting the breath, coach you to embrace a fuller sense or self, and how to access one’s breath to support one’s journey.

Working with the breath is like meditation; don’t expect that you can do it once and experience benefits for the rest of your life. It takes practice and continual attention. As you become more aware of when you hold the breath you will learn to shift the pattern. This creates a new neural pathway, which resets the breath to automatically breathe you in stressful situations.

After your initial private sessions you may choose to participate in group sessions as a wonderful way to dive deeper into your breath pattern with the support of a group.

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Tracey is a Breath Trainer (since 2001), meditation teacher, spiritual coach, writer & entrepreneur. She is passionate about the power of the breath to heal. Based in Seattle, WA, she travels the U.S. and abroad holding retreats, trainings and workshops.

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Breathing Mandala offers individual breath sessions as well as regular group sessions. Breath practices, movement, toning and energy points will be utilized to assist you in regaining a full breath and thereby reclaiming your life!

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Are you a teacher, massage therapist, acupuncturist, nurse, yoga instructor, psychotherapist, or other provider? Join Tracey for a breath training that will support your practice by helping you to understand the breath and know how to open it.

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